We are a dynamic and reputable construction firm engaged in multimillion-dirham projects in the United Arab Emirates. We take pride in our turnkey approach, which is highly marketable to investors. With a keen eye on using state-of-the-art technologies, we strive to maintain high levels of efficiency and ensure timely delivery of projects. The team works meticulously from concept to completion, demonstrating total dedication and full coordination with clients to achieve their project vision, on schedule and on budget. With a commitment to excellence and a track record of success, we are a top choice for investors seeking reliable and high-quality construction services.

Al Thuriah Construction that takes great pride in delivering valuable spaces that are crafted with excellence and expertise. The company's success is owed in large part to the expertise of its team, which is composed of dedicated, and educated professionals. Among them are licensed engineers and architects, skilled craftsmen and personnel, including carpenters, pipe fitters, operators, laborers, cement masons, teamsters, superintendents, safety supervisors, project managers, estimators, and office support personnel. These experts have the knowledge and experience necessary to tackle even the most complex construction projects with confidence and precision. Al Thuriah Construction's commitment to excellence, combined with the expertise of its team, ensures that every project is completed to the highest standards of quality and workmanship.


At Al Thuriah Construction, we stand out from our competitors because we strive for perfection throughout the entire process of every project. We understand that quality control is crucial to the success of any construction project, which is why we partner with third-party experts such as Bureau Veritas to ensure that our standards are always maintained. Additionally, we take safety very seriously and have strict standards in place for every project. We collaborate with internal and external health and safety experts to ensure that operational risks are drastically reduced or even eliminated.

We maintain these high standards not only during the construction process but also in every aspect leading up to delivering the finished units to our customers. With over 50 successful projects under our belt, including residential and office buildings, schools, mosques, and banks, Al Thuriah Construction is a trusted partner for investors seeking reliable and high-quality construction services.


We strive to deliver high-quality services while maintaining a strong commitment to the environment and the safety of our employees. This commitment is reflected in our recent achievement of three ISO certifications.

The first certification is the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, which acknowledges our ability to consistently deliver products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. We have also been awarded the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System certification, which demonstrates our dedication to minimizing our environmental impact through sustainable practices. Finally, we have received the ISO 45001:2015 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification, which shows our commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees.

These certifications are a testament to our ongoing dedication to delivering high-quality services while prioritizing sustainability and employee well-being. We are proud to have achieved these certifications and will continue to work hard to maintain them in the future.

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Areas Constructed:<br/>Abu Dhabi, Dubai,<br/> & Sharjah Areas Constructed:
Abu Dhabi, Dubai,
& Sharjah
50 Projects<br/>Built 50 Projects
2000+<br/>Employees 2000+
+ AED 7 Billion Total Investment to Date + AED 7 Billion Total Investment to Date
5 Stages of<br/>Completion Process 5 Stages of
Completion Process
27 Years of Service<br/>1996 - 2023 27 Years of Service
1996 - 2023



We Build with our Hands


Omar Khouzami

General Manager

Khaled Othman

Projects Director

Ahamad Saleem

Chief Estimator

Mina Boules

Senior Architect

Sufian Moussa

Construction Manager

Talal Al Tibany

Projects Manager - MEP

Raad Al Jyoush

Construction Manager