We consistently aim to achieve the goal of giving our Clients the feeling of warmth, coziness and home in all our projects. Al Thuriah Interiors, as a major inclusion to our group operation, is focused primarily on producing innovative and artistic interior arrangements that effectively fulfill every master plan. Our design approach is to create an appearance that is multi-faceted, aesthetically attractive and functional at the same time because every feature of a certain design, regardless of how beautiful it turns out, must function for its purpose. 

As we focus on helping our clients realize their visions from a concept they can only imagine, we make sure that we understand their aspirations apart from their needs. We layout each design with a sense of uniqueness and perfection in every detail along with the commitment to provide compelling flexibility for customer delight. Our well-experienced staff provides superb yet cost effective designs with a touch of individuality and distinctiveness. 

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Our interior concepts and aesthetics, whether commercial or residential, is about cleanliness, simplicity, contemporary, urban, modern and fun. From the very first project up to our current active assignments, we make use of raw materials such as concrete, glass, wood, black steel and a pop of colour to name a few. This is to ensure that the outcome we render is not only beautiful to look at but certainly useful and practical, too.

Muweileh Community

One of the most challenging part in all our interior design deals would be the urge to interpret Client’s wishes. It is our desire to turn our Client's dream into a reality. Our basic pursuit is to support our Client's vision of completing their dream home for their family and loved ones. In terms of furniture selection and materials to be used for residential interiors, it is our objective to consider sustainable-designed pieces. We guarantee that environmental issues, life safety codes and essential mechanical and construction systems of the property are carefully addressed and considered.




Interior design in the corporate world requires understanding corporate culture, the overall work procedure, how each employee works and the ways to attract and retain them in the company. At Al Thuriah Interiors, we cautiously examine the project area to be able to present a skilfully-planned interior setup. Our design presentation includes ergonomic perspective with multipurpose quality and user-friendly structure for a comfortable yet productive working environment.



We Design with Creativity


Jessica Khouzami

Interior Architect Manager

Anwar Kunhiparambath

Interior Architect

Mohammed Shahid